Social Connection for All Ages

ABB uses inclusive design for connection. All events have multiple ways to participate. The goal is low-demand ways to connect with others in your own way. We bring people together based on shared interests. Connect with people who love what you love.

Before our nervous systems can be available for connection, we need to feel safe. We welcome all nervous systems here, doing whatever needs doing in order to regulate. Move, flap, run, dance. Do your thing. You belong. When you’re ready, we welcome you to engage in whatever way is right for you.

A group of teenagers sit in a circle. Some listen. Some talk. One person has pink hair.

Want to learn more? Attend All Brains Belong VT’s Virtual Open House! Wed 7/10/2024 6-7PM ET. Click here to register.

Free Community Programs

Vermont community members sitting on the State House Lan in a circle, celebrating community.

3rd Annual Community Health Education Fair (Sat 8/24/24)

Vermont State House Lawn - 11AM-3PM All Brains Belong invites you to attend our 3rd Annual Community Health Education Fair. For the past 3 years, ABB has been bringing people together to reimagine healthcare as community connection. Empowering people as ...

Brain Club™: Virtual Weekly Community Education Series – Tuesdays 6PM ET

Join us for a weekly community conversation about "everyday brain life" topics. The Key to the Universe is to develop awareness of our own brains and the brains of other people. When we unlock this, we can create a more ...
Two smiling preschool aged kids, one dressed in a red Spiderman costume and the other dressed in a blue Captain America costume with an A on his mask.

Kid Connections – Find a Friend Who Loves What You Love

Kids & Teens Virtual Connection-Making Sometimes we have to discover people we can effortlessly show up with, just as we are -- before we can discover our true selves. Meaningful, authentic connection is essential for everyone’s health. Connect in whatever ...

Want more options? So do we!
Our Community Program offerings are largely dependent on the generous support and donations from the community.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to All Brains Belong VT, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.

If you have ideas for future activities, email .

ABB also welcomes collaboration with philosophically-aligned community partners, as well as any organization looking to enhance the inclusiveness of their programs. Let’s change the world together.

ABB is a treasure… to have a place where I don’t have to mask, don’t have to pretend, and don’t have to spend over half my mental energy trying to figure out what they expect from me…. I don’t have that anywhere else.