Trainings & Consultations

We offer a range of virtual TRAININGS & EDUCATIONAL CONSULTATIONS to organizations and individuals looking to improve their practices of inclusion.  All trainings are customized to participants’ needs. Please note that these are not considered medical care or evaluations.

Here are examples of topics we can help with:

  • Neurodiversity & Inclusion
  • Universal design principles for healthcare, event planning, employment, and more
  • Brain science of mental health
  • Environmental / sensory problem-solving (home, school, and work)
  • Neuroinclusive transition care planning
  • Neurodiverse family and team dynamics

How will this help me or my organization?

Understanding the ways that people think, learn and communicate benefits everyone. 1 in 5 people’s brains work differently than the so-called typical brain. Universal design benefits everyone.

A preschooler in a navy blue dress with white leggings and brown boots has an arm around a toddler in a burgundy dress with a mama and baby horse on it. They are reading a book together in a grassy field with the sun setting behind them.
We all keep learning (and unlearning).
What Participants Are Saying

“This is the best workshop I have ever attended about the healthcare system. I am walking away with a better understanding of universal design and I’m inspired by the work being done.”

“We have learned that all brains DO belong. This is the greatest gift anyone could give my family.”

I’ve learned from All Brains Belong how to make people feel safe at meetings. For example, saying up front what is acceptable – standing, walking, eating, stimming. All things that people may need to feel their best. The feedback has been very positive.

Dr. Liliane Savard, University of Vermont

Free Community Education: Virtual (Zoom)

“Brain Club” Tuesdays 6-7PM ET

September 2022 Upcoming Webinars

Autoimmune Health “All the Things” Project

Click here for our free weekly community education series about “everyday life” brain stuff. Each week has a different topic, oriented around a monthly theme. Bring your dinner and join us for connection and learning. All webinars are recorded for on-demand viewing.

  • Implementing Dr. Ross Green’s “Collaborative Proactive Solutions” (CPS) Model at Home – Wed 9/14 10AM ET: click to register
  • Introduction to Unschooling: Two Families’ Stories – Thurs 9/15 12PM ET – click to register

ABB has an interdisciplinary group of clinicians & community members discussing autoimmune health challenges commonly experienced by neurodivergent patients, i.e., hypermobility, mast cell activation, dysautonomia, and more Click here for a video.

Other ABB Presentations (Recordings)

  • Community Health Education Fair: COVID safety in schools, youth mental health, community inclusion (Click to watch)
  • We All Have Different Brains: Intro to Neurodiversity (Click to watch)
  • Shifting the Autism Narrative: The Impact of Stigma on Health (Click to watch)
  • Inclusive Healthcare for Patients with Visible & Invisible Disabilities (Click to watch)