a young child in a doctor's office. A medical professional is putting a band-aid on the child's arm while the child watches and smiles

Community Health & Education Fair – COVID vaccination & more: Sat 9/24

Many healthcare environments make it too stressful for people to get the care they need, including vaccination. Many people have healthcare anxiety and trauma, needle phobia, sensory processing differences that make it uncomfortable to receive healthcare in the traditional settings.…
Two smiling preschool aged kids, one dressed in a red Spiderman costume and the other dressed in a blue Captain America costume with an A on his mask.

Kid Connections – Find a Friend Who Loves What You Love

Kids Virtual Connection-Making Program Sometimes we have to discover people we can effortlessly show up with, just as we are — before we can discover our true selves. Meaningful, authentic connection is essential for everyone’s health. Connection can look different…