Meetings & Non-Meetings


At the start of our meetings & events, we begin by setting Ground Rules to help participants feel safe and welcome:

  • We introduce ourselves with our pronouns and ask everyone for theirs
  • We encourage everyone to update their Zoom display name and pronouns
  • There’s no right way to do most things. We try to intentionally design everything we do flexibly AND we can further adapt to meet everyone’s access needs.
  • Eye contact is neither expected, prioritized, nor valued within our organization. Whether in person or in virtual meetings, direct your gaze wherever you want.  
  • EVERYTHING is ok here — we respect and value the other responsibilities on your plate, your movement, sensory, and other regulation needs, etc.
  • What you will routinely see in ABB meeting culture: children on laps, breastfeeding and/or pumping, moving around, toggling on/off video, eating meals/snacks, fidgets/focus tools, weighted blankets, other sensory supports etc.
  • All forms of communication are welcome here. We welcome full-time and part-time alternative augmentative communication users. Participants regularly switch back and forth between multiple forms of communication within a single meeting.
  • We try to build in extra time for transitions so that everyone has enough processing time and space to share their truth
  • We offer visual supports shared ahead of time to preview of what is to come  

PLUS — you can participate even without attending meetings. 

  • Online group chat — connect with community members & organizational leaders, exchange ideas, volunteer for small special projects, share feedback on focused questions
  • One-on-one conversations with organizational leaders — video chat, phone, text, Google chat
  • Give feedback via brief surveys or type directly into collaborative Google documents

Please let us know if you have other ideas that would enhance your participation with ABB.

Meetings & Gatherings

Neuroinclusive Employment Program Task Force

2nd Sunday of every month 9-10AM – email for information

Brain Club – Thursdays 6-7PM ET

ABB Lunch & Learns – Thursdays 12-1PM ET