Two smiling preschool aged kids, one dressed in a red Spiderman costume and the other dressed in a blue Captain America costume with an A on his mask.

Kid Connections – Find a Friend Who Loves What You Love

Kids & Teens Virtual Connection-Making

Sometimes we have to discover people we can effortlessly show up with, just as we are — before we can discover our true selves. Meaningful, authentic connection is essential for everyone’s health.

Connection can look different for everyone! Some people like small group conversation; some people like to play board games or Minecraft; some people like to communicate through puppets or stuffies; some people prefer to draw or knit or read books side by side with another person without any conversation at all.

This is a virtual connection-making program, open to all kids & teens age 4-17. Participants can live anywhere!

We’ll match you up with the person or people who share your interests. It’s like finding a pen pal — except you have tons of choices of how to interact, the “ground rules” are understood, and they’ve been pre-screened to be someone who loves what you love!

Find a friend who loves what you love.

We currently offer this program at no cost to participants. To support the staffing resources required to arrange these customized connections for kids, please consider making a tax-deductible donation of any size.