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Neuroinclusive Employer Brightspotting Program

All Brains Belong VT works to shift the community conversation through trainings with practical strategies to improve neuro-cultural competence. We also recognize employers that “get” it, who create workplace environments where all brains can thrive.

What are some elements to consider when designing an intentional neuroinclusive workplace culture?

  • Physical environment
  • Communication style
  • Workplace culture
  • Meaning & purpose
  • Flexibility & choices

Seeking nominations for Spring 2024

Community members are invited to nominate Vermont businesses particularly skilled at working with employees who learn, think, or communicate differently than the so-called “typical” brain.

We are thrilled to recognize these Vermont businesses who were nominated by their employees for incorporating neuroinclusive best practices:

Fall 2023 Vermont Neuroinclusive Brightspots

Spring 2023 Vermont Neuroinclusive Brightspots

All Brains Belong VT's Neuroinclusive Employer Brightspotting Program Winter 2023 Award Winners: Perky Planet Coffee, Seaway Car Wash and Detail Center, Three Mountain Cafe and Lawsons Finest Liquids.

Fall 2022 Vermont Neuroinclusive Brightspots

Names and logos of Fall 2022 award winners. Center text reads All Brains Belong VT's Neuroinclusive Employer Brightspotting Program Fall 2022. Fox Market (logo is rainbow striped fox), Turtle Island (logo is green turtle), Bear Pond Books (logo is bookstore window with books in it), and Woodbelly - logo is half a slice of tree with a pizza slice mark, beneath it reads Wood-fired nourishment.

Is Your Workplace Neuroinclusive?

All Brains Belong VT offers a range of trainings, workshops, and in-services.

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Community Conversations: Neuroinclusive Employment
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