Neuroinclusive Employment Brightspotting Program:

All Brains Belong VT works to shift the community conversation through trainings with practical strategies to improve neuro-cultural competence. We also recognize employers that “get” it, who create workplace environments where all brains can thrive.

Phase 1: Call for Nominations: OPEN NOW

Community members are invited to suggest / nominate local Vermont employers who are already using principles of inclusive design to create flexible, differentiated strategies for employees to participate and meet their needs.

What are some elements to consider when designing an intentional neuroinclusive workplace culture?

  • Physical environment
  • Communication style
  • Workplace culture
  • Meaning & purpose
  • Flexibility & choices

Phase 2: Defining Neuroinclusive Employment in Vermont

ABB will interview these “bright spots” of inclusivity and publicly recognize employers who are incorporating known best practices for inclusion, in addition to identifying additional best practices. This will inform future collaborative community education to expand universal design (in addition to providing guidance on meaningful accommodations for specific employment challenges).

Phase 3: Community Neurodiversity & Inclusion Training (aka Change the World)

ABB will facilitate networking and collaboration between philosophically aligned organizations to expand opportunities for all people with all kinds of brains to have comfortable, meaningful employment experiences.

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Imagine a workplace where all brains thrive.

Is Your Workplace Neuroinclusive?

All Brains Belong VT offers a range of trainings, workshops, and in-services. Click here to learn more about our Educational offerings.

Community Conversations on Neuroinclusive Employment
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