A hand holding up a Glumanda Pokemon card. The rest of the deck of Pokemon cards are face-down sprawled out on the table.

Pokemon Virtual Interest Group (Age 8-12): Check back Summer 2022

From December 2021 – March 2022, Pokemon fans age 8-12 gathered weekly on Zoom to talk about what they love, show cards / stuffies / games, meet new people in a super low-pressure way. Everything is easier when people love what you love.

Highlights from “Season 1” (Winter 2022)

In this facilitated group, participants take turns showing cards / info-dumping / or talking about whatever they want. Sometimes we color, draw, show each other our favorite games or videos. You can have your video on or off, mic on or off. Some people are in the mood to just hang out and watch. Anything goes. Find your people, and learn to feel comfortable just showing up as your true self. Experience genuine connection in a low pressure way.

All our sessions are created and facilitated with a model of universal design. There are multiple ways of participating. Information is delivered in multiple ways. Communication occurs in multiple formats. All kids get to see that there is no one “right” way to do anything.

The group also worked hard planning a “Pokemon Party” (an entirely kid-planned outdoor event that we’ll have in Late Spring 2022).

“Pokemon Party” Jamboard created by Winter 2022 Pokemon Club participants

Check Back Soon for Summer 2022 for announcements of Pokemon Club Season 2

In addition to our outdoor “Pokemon Party” event, we plan to convene this group in Summer 2022.

We are currently working on raising funds to hire a program coordinator for our neuroinclusive kids programs (if you’re able to help, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to ABB). We are also recruiting volunteers to help with session planning logistics on a rotating basis. We’re particularly looking for neurodiversity-affirming educators, therapists, or anyone else with experience in universal design. If you are interested, please email .

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