Healthcare for Infants through Older Adults

Patient-centered healthcare for patients with all types of brains

  • Want to feel “heard” by your healthcare team? You are the expert in your health and your life.
  • Want to feel comfortable? We offer sensory-friendly spaces. We invite you to customize your healthcare experience.
  • Want full transparency of your medical record? You can leave your visit with a copy of your actual progress note. Why not?
  • Do you find phone calls difficult or inaccessible? We offer HIPAA-secure texting, email, and online appointment self-scheduling. You literally never have to pick up the phone, ever.
  • Do you want a healthcare team that is committed to understanding your brain? We are committed to help you understand your own brain, too.

Becoming a New Patient

We are currently accepting applications on a first-come first-serve basis for a limited number of new patients to our Montpelier office. We accept patients of all ages — newborn through older adults — who have all types of brains. We make sure that our current patients have prompt access to appointments. We make sure that our patients receive the right match of supports for their needs. For this reason, we keep a small practice size. If we are able to accept you as a new patient, you will be provided a way to enroll and schedule your first appointment.

Transparency is a core practice value. It is important to us that prospective patients understand our community health model. We understand that our model may not be the best fit for all people’s needs. We want you to make a truly informed choice. To apply as a new patient:

Step 1: Review the Prospective Patient Inquiry Packet. This includes answers to most questions.

Step 2: We strongly recommend that all prospective patients attend our Virtual Open House. Information will be presented in written and spoken format, and you will have the opportunity to ask questions. Click here to register.

Inclusive design for healthcare: no “defaults”

  • We provide neurodiversity-affirming medical care to babies, kids, teens, and adults of all ages. Our scope of practice at this time is providing patients with support for brain, nervous system, immune health and related medical needs.
  • All patients are offered a “menu” of flexible options. You create your own healthcare experience.
  • Medical care according to your preferences and values. We respect the unique ways you think, learn, communicate, and process the world
  • Multiple visit settings available. We offer indoor, outdoor, and telehealth visits.
  • We support your sensory, communication, and executive functioning profile
  • We connect you with other resources in the community

Want to learn more? Have questions? Attend All Brains Belong VT’s Virtual Open House: Wed 2/1/2023 5-6PM Click here to register. This is the best way to speak with staff and get your questions answered.

Dr. Melissa Houser outdoors with child
Not your typical healthcare visit.
Not your typical healthcare space.
kids playing
Healthcare with freedom and choice.

We participate in the following insurance plans:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont
  • MVP
  • Vermont Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • Cigna

Our ability to take on additional new patients will be based on our current patients’ needs and their frequency of appointments needed. This may change from time to time. Our capacity to take on new patients and deliver timely, high quality care within our scope of practice will also change from time to time. We value transparent communication with prospective applicants via our prospective patient inquiry packets. This will help us assess our capacity to meet what you are looking for. We can also connect you with accessible technology resources to access these materials in alternate formats.

Healthcare Team

Dr Melissa Houser
Mel Houser, M.D., proudly autistic physician

Melissa Houser, M.D. (she/they)

Mel Houser, M.D. is an autistic/PDA/ADHD/dyslexic/dyspraxic/dyscalculic Board Certified Family Physician. She didn’t know any of these things about herself until age 37. Mel cares for babies, children and adults of all ages. Mel holds a Doctorate of Medicine from the University of Vermont College of Medicine, and completed Family Medicine residency training at Middlesex Hospital in Connecticut, where she served as Chief Resident. Mel also completed a Fellowship in Medical Student Education from the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine, as well as several hundreds of hours of additional training in child development and neurodevelopmental differences including autism, ADHD, dyspraxia, and learning differences. She is also a Certified Lactation Specialist. She has a monotropic focus on brains, and can’t help but “zoom out” to recognize patterns and systems of how All the Things connect to All the Things.

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Sierra Miller, APRN

Sierra Miller, DNP, APRN, FNP-C (she/her)

Sierra Miller, DNP, APRN, FNP-C (she/her) is an AANP board certified nurse practitioner. Sierra earned her Bachelor’s degree in neuroscience from St. Lawrence University before coming to the University of Vermont and earning her Doctorate in Nursing (DNP). As a family nurse practitioner, Sierra is passionate about providing inclusive patient-centered primary care to all ages. Special interests include LGBTQ healthcare, Health at Every Size, sexual and reproductive health, trauma-informed care, inclusive neurodivergent care, and empowering everyone’s healthcare autonomy. Sierra lives with her partner, stepson, dog, and two cats in Montpelier, VT where she hopes to build a future improving the healthcare of the community she grew up in.

amy richardson vt
Amy Richardson, Resource Coordinator

Amy Richardson, Resource Coordinator (she/her)

Amy Richardson (she/her) joined the ABB team in November 2022 as our Resource Coordinator. A social worker by training, Amy has an extensive mental health background in addition to 15 years’ experience working for a large health insurance company. In her role at ABB, she fuses her past experiences to help ABB patients navigate complex, often dysfunctional systems that interfere with their health.