Many healthcare environments make it too stressful for people to get the care they need, including vaccination. Many people have healthcare anxiety and trauma, needle phobia, sensory processing differences that make it uncomfortable to receive healthcare in the traditional settings. Many people are also just looking for a gentle, laid back setting where they have autonomy over their experience. Universal design for healthcare benefits EVERYONE.

Our personalized vaccination clinics (open to all Vermonters) allow participants to design their own experience.

All Brains Belong VT has teamed up with the Vermont Department of Health, Waterbury EMS, and the Vermont Occupational Therapy Association, with support from the Vermont Family Network. We offer a personalized vaccine experience. We present flexible options and give people freedom to choose what works best for them. ABB’s Inclusive Community Vaccination Clinics have served more than 60 kids and adults to date. Our universal design model has allowed people from around the state to have a comfortable, positive healthcare experience and receive protection from COVID.

When is the Next ABB COVID vaccination clinic?

At this time, there are no further scheduled vaccine clinics. Please check back in Late Spring 2022, as we hope to be able offer additional clinics in the future (pending funding to hire a coordinator to coordinate these time-consuming logistics).

In the meantime, we would also love to partner with other organizations to roll out this “universal design” personalized model elsewhere. Email us at if your organization is interested in a training.

What happens at a Personalized Vaccination Clinic?

Participants in our vaccine clinics can sample ABB’s “Universal Design for Healthcare” Menu (we offer a more extended version to all of our primary care patients) to create a customized, comfortable experience. This includes:

  • Indoor, outdoor, and car settings available
  • Customized sensory and stress management supports/tools available – donated by the Vermont Family Network
  • On-site occupational therapists
  • Social story photo & other preparation materials courtesy of the Vermont Family Network’s Confident Care for Kids Program

Why Is This Important?

We know that vaccination is the best way to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the short-term and long-term effects of COVID-19.

We all have different brains that find different settings most comfortable. We are fortunate in Vermont to have multiple different places to receive vaccination (schools, state vaccination sites, pharmacies, etc). But even so, MANY MANY MANY people find those settings stressful. Many people seek a quiet, laid back alternative where they can have a more personalized experience.

What parts of the environment may stress people out? Many people are overwhelmed by crowds. Many people have needle phobia. Many people have healthcare anxiety / trauma related to past stressful experiences. And the list goes on.

At ABB, we believe that people should be given multiple options for how to receive their healthcare. People should be allowed to choose what works best for them. Universal design benefits everyone. Everyone benefits from flexibility, freedom and choice.

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Protection for all. Comfort and safety for all.

Learn More about ABB’s Personalized COVID Vaccination Experience

WCAX reporter Erin Brown interviews All Brains Belong VT Executive Director Dr. Melissa Houser about ABB's universal design for COVID vaccination clinic
WCAX interviewed Dr. Mel Houser about universal design for healthcare and vaccination (2/6/2022)

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