COVID Community Vaccination Clinic: Kids 5+ & Adults – Sat 1/15 12:30-3:30

We know that vaccination is the best way to protect our kids from COVID and its short-term and long-term dangers. The problem is that many people are unable to comfortably access vaccination in certain environments, due to crowds, noise, or many other factors.

All Brains Belong VT has teamed up with the Vermont Department of Health, the Vermont Family Network, and Waterbury EMS to host a sensory-friendly COVID vaccination clinic on Saturday, January 15, 2022 from 12:30-3:30PM for Vermont-residing kids age 5-17 and adults.

We all have different brains that find different settings most comfortable. We are fortunate in Vermont to have multiple different places to receive vaccination (schools, state vaccination sites, pharmacies, etc). But even so, MANY MANY MANY people find those settings stressful and are looking for a quiet, laid back alternative where they can have a more personalized experience.

We are accepting registrations for a limited number of participants. In addition to filling out the usual CDC/Dept of Health required information, you will have the opportunity to sample ABB’s “Inclusive Design for Healthcare” Menu (we offer a more extended version to all of our primary care patients) to create a customized, comfortable experience for your child.

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Protection for all. Comfort and safety for all.
  • Indoor, outdoor, and car settings available
  • Customized sensory and stress management supports/tools available – donated by the Vermont Family Network
  • On-site occupational therapists
  • Social story photo & other preparation materials courtesy of the Vermont Family Network’s Confident Care for Kids Program

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