Brain Club: Virtual Weekly Community Education Series – Tuesdays 6PM ET

Brain Club is a weekly community education series (Tuesdays 6-7PM ET) where we will be joined by professionals from various fields and community panelists to teach us about different ways that brains of all types navigate everyday life, followed by Q&A from the audience. Each week will have a presenter or panel about a different topic, oriented around a monthly theme. All webinars are recorded for on-demand viewing, produced by our friends at Orca Media.

We all have different brains that process information, think, learn, communicate and play differently. The Key to the Universe is to develop awareness of our own brains and the brains of other people. When we unlock this, we can create a more authentic, peaceful life. We can also connect more deeply with others, and experience genuine belonging.

Oct 2022: Neuroinclusive Spaces. Topics: Neurodiversity-affirming family culture, COVID & Long COVID, Neuroinclusive Workplaces, Neuroinclusive Recreation

An adult dressed in a black shirt with large hoop earrings and a peaceful, calm facial expression is holding a string of lights. The lights glow from her hands.

Brain Club Archives – Free Recordings

Sept 2022: Big Conversations to Help Build a More Connected World. Topics: Communicating Your Access Needs, Neuroinclusive Healthcare, Discussing Your Access Needs at Work, Preventing Bullying in Schools

Aug 2022: Brain Rules vs. World Rules: What to Do When Our “Systems” Aren’t Working. Topics: Healthcare, Education, Employment, Parenting & Relationships

July 2022: Seeing Another Perspective: Neurodiversity & the Double Empathy Problem. Topics: romantic relationships / friendships, youth mental health, and neuroinclusive workplace culture.

June 2022: Designing a Life that Works for Your Brain. Topics: niche construction, communicating your access needs, neurodivergent adult supports, designing a work life, & youth self-advocacy

Apr & May 2022: Neurodiversity & Inclusion. Topics: Talking to kids about neurodiversity, Making Friends, Parenting, School, Dyslexia, Neuroinclusive Employment, and more!

Mar 2022: Unlearning & Deconstructing “Brain Rules.” Topics: Shame & Internalized Ableism, Imposter Syndrome, Gender Identity, Difficult Conversations

Feb 2022: Family Relationships & Coregulation Topics: Attunement & Attachment, Brain Rules & World Rules, Sandwich Generation Tips

Jan 2022: “Help! Everyone in my home is flipping their lid!” Topics: Regulation, threat / safety, demand avoidance, executive function